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Manitou Drive Biosolids Dewatering Facility

Location: Waterloo, ON

Architect: Hydomatics Inc. Consulting Engineers

Product: Pure White Alcotex (ACM), Blue White Alcotex (ACM), and Jade Alcotex (ACM)

Headed by Graham Construction & Engineering Inc. General Contractors and designed by Hydromantis Inc. Consulting Engineers the new Manitou Drive Biosolids Dewatering Facillity is located in Waterloo, ON. The scope of work for Ontario Panelization consisted of fabrication and installation of 922 panels at an area of 20,900 square feet. The project included a vast amount of white wall panels with accent projection bands in a Jade colour which matched the glazing around the building. It also featured a bull nosed wing wall that complemented the curvature of the adjacent glass.


For more information on this project contact: sales [at] ontariopanelization [dot] com (Project Manager)