OP EIFS Restores Century Old Frotenac County Administration Buildings

The OP EIFS dFrotenacbeforeafterivision is the most well travelled portion of our company. Branching out all over Ontario, OP EIFS has worked on Wal Mart's from London to Sault Ste. Marie. Eastern Ontario is no exception. Recently, a portion of our EIFS division returned from Kingston, Ontario after restoring the stucco on three of Frotenac County's Administration Buildings.

Each building is over a century old and had stucco fa�ades that were a testament to their age. OP EIFS provided a full service restoration of the buildings' exteriors complete with a fully drained EIFS system, Continuous Air/Weather Barrier, 1.5" EPS, roof tie ins, structural repairs, drip flashings and new sealant.

After nearly one hundred years of service to Frotenac County these buildings, complete with new fa�ades, are ready for another century of service.