OP System III Passes Voluntary Test AAMA 508-07

Ontario Panelization and Alcotex Inc. are proud to announce the recent success in the voluntary AAMA 508-07 test of the OP System III Attachment system using Alcotex Aluminum Composite Material (ACM). AAMA 508-07 is the voluntary test method and specification for pressure equalized rain screen wall cladding systems.

Although the OP System  III has the standard rain screen testing complete (ASTM E330, E331, E283, etc.) the voluntary AAMA 508-07 does what none of these tests do;  it quantifies the actual performance of the attachment system as a pressure-equalized rain screen wall cladding system.

Properly designed rain screen attachment systems and claddings should have high venting and drying capabilities. The ability of a rain screen to properly maintain equalized air pressure is a crucial component in rain screen technology. Prior to the availability of AAMA 508-07 test, the ability to label a wall system as a rain screen was based on its components and an assumption that they would properly drain any water that entered the system. The sole reliance for a pass on these tests is the use of an effective air and water barrier.  AAMA 508-07, however, tests the ability of the  wall system and its components and extrusions and whether they allow for proper compartmentalization so the system can maintain constant and uniform pressure. A properly pressure equalized wall system will minimize the amount of water that enters the system, and expediently and effectively drain and or dry out any that does.

For more detailed information regarding the test criteria and process of the AAMA 508-07 test please visit the AAMA website at http://www.aamaorg.net .